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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Blogger

Today I would like to welcome my brilliant daughter, Mindy, as my guest blogger.  She is in third grade and just turned nine years old.  The following is a bit of writing that she wrote for a school assignment:

Wire-Haired Werewolf from Rotten Island
By Mindy Moran
January 2012

Rotten Island is crawling with creepy creatures. The Wire-haired Werewolf’s head contains one torn-out eye, one good eye, a carnivorous mind, a bitten-off ear, and a black stripe down her nose. She loves her four short legs, despite the fact that they make her clumsy. Her lithe body would have been graceful, if she didn’t have such short legs, but she doesn’t care, she loves being as rotten-looking as possible. The Wire-haired Werewolf’s long fur is so long that her short legs keep on tripping over it.

Wire-hair likes to steal food from others, especially hard-working ones. When they don’t have any food she just eats them! She loves to climb trees, though her short legs and long fur makes it hard. Very near the long, long list of what she hates is cats. She doesn’t like them because instead of charging after prey like she does, they stalk silently.

The Wire-haired Werewolf is a horrible, predatory carnivore. Her favorite food is caribou or reindeer. She likes them because they’re hard to find and powerful. What she hates is fish, she’ll eat anything but it. Wire-hair hates fish because the (1) are slimy, (2) live in water, which she loathes, (3) because they have scales instead of fur or feather, (4) get water all over her when they thrash. I could go on and on…

A special thing that she can do is make anything wash up on the shore without being poisoned. She does this because sometimes she’s just not in the mood for fresh monster, and really in the mood for real prey. In the picture, The Wire-haired Werewolf has washed up a mouse and some nuts. When she does this, she waits to “invite it over for dinner” until it has finished the nuts. Wire-hair wishes you bad luck and a full night of nightmares. I think she likes you.

The End


  1. Have I mentioned lately that I really like your daughter? :)

  2. She's a crack-up.

    When I wrote stuff as a kid my mom always kind of freaked out about it. My first complete story was about a girl who was unhappy and ran away from home, and after she read it my mom thought I was horribly unhappy and planning to run away. She didn't understand that when I was writing I was making stuff up.

    Now, though, I understand how she feels. It's hard not to wonder what on earth is going on in that head to come up with something like this. I love it!